G3. Continue ahead at the cross track with Avis Grove, where there is a bench, turn right at the next cross track, where there is another bench, onto Court Wood Grove.


Both of these benches were installed in 2016 year by FSW. We hope you enjoy resting on them. The one in Avis Grove is dedicated to Janet Bickerstaff - a founder member of the FSW.

English Oak is dominant here but look for the shiny leaves of the evergreen Laurel bushes. Laurel is dispersed throughout Selsdon Wood being most common in the northern section. However it is less widespread than it was as the Friends of Selsdon Wood are working to control or eradicate it. Laurel is a Mediterranean species, probably introduced into Court Wood to give cover for game birds. It is spreading steadily by suckering, layering and seeding and it is inhibiting the growth of other plants, poisoning the ground beneath it.

Also in Courtwood Grove are more Sweet Chestnuts and Field Maple.

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