Reporting Problems in Selsdon Wood

For fire, ambulance or illegal activities where immediate response is required - call 999. Our name boards will help you give the location. Alternatively if you ring 112 from a mobile phone it will automatically give your GPS position to the emergency services. 

For non urgent matters, such as motorbikes or quads (which are prohibited and could be dangerous) or other antisocial behaviour please call 101 or ring Selsdon and Forestdale Police 020 8721 2464. They have an answering service as they are not there all the time but you can leave a message and they will get back to you. Alternatively, if you try to report an event as it’s happening and the answerphone comes on then call 101 or contact the NSO’s (Neighbourhood Safety Officers) 

For problems with dogs, such as attacks or dogs left in hot cars contact the Croydon dog warden service             

If you are able to photograph the miscreants or note registration numbers that would be very helpful.

For Injured wildlife call RSPCA 0300 1234 999 (24/7) or Kent Wildlife Rescue Service 07824 893399. For problems requiring a mechanical solution - such as deer trapped in fences - phone the Fire Brigade on the 101 or 112 number.

To report injured, sick or trapped badgers or dogs trapped in badger setts contact East Surrey Badger Protection Society (ESBPS) 24/7 Rescue Service. We are here to help sick, injured, trapped or distressed badgers. Also tell us about dead badgers. Please help us by giving a contact number in case we need more details. Warwick Reynolds. 020-8688 9905. mobile: 07973 327017 or Ray Ings. 01883 380321. mobile 07736 520332 or David Gooden. mobile 07828 899273

There have been a number of incidents in the area of animals - cats and dogs as well as wild animals such as birds, rabbits and foxes - being deliberately killed and mutilated. This should be reported to the police and also to SNARL South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty tel: 07961 030064 or 07957 830490.

Council Contacts
There is a dedicated officer managing in working hours and will forward emails to the relevant parties. Service standard is a 10 day response time. However, they are very low on resources so some responses may take longer, depending on urgency. Currently moving over to a new improved system.

Issues with trees can be reported to (Richard can be copied in at

The Love Clean Streets smartphone app, is the fastest way to report fly-tipping, unauthorised encampments, abandoned vehicles, graffiti and other issues within Croydon.

For urgent requests, contact the Council by phone on 0208 726 6000 (Mon - Fri 9am to 4pm), 020 8684 3527 for the out of hours team or by email at

Overflowing bins or poo bins and fly tipping should be reported to 

Graffiti should be reported to

We would also be grateful if you would tell the FSW about any problems - e-mail: