The Wildlife of Selsdon Wood

Over the years the FSW have been photographing each new species and saving these to the website. The grand total of all living species recorded (animal, plant and fungus) is now 1662. That shows how rich our 200 acres are, considering that the Leicestershire and Rutland wildlife trusts's best in country Naturespot web site have a little over 7000 species listed in 609,000 acres, so under 5 times the species in 3000 times the space.

For details of the recorded species see

Ensuring that Selsdon Wood is maintained for the Benefit of Flora and Fauna

The above is one of the stated aims of FSW. It is a particularly apposite aim at  a time when Prince William is launching the Earthshot Campaign to bring nature back to its rightful place, when Climate Change is becoming an ever more apparent very real threat to the continuing existence of the biological world, and when the World's Climate Change Conference is being held in Great Britain. We thus wish to share with you the document which offers a Critique of Croydon Council policies. 
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