R5. At the fork turn right leaving the Green Route. Follow the paths round curving to the left until you reach the cut through to the field on your right.

As you stand by the R5 post look across into the farmer’s field on your left where, in Winter, you could spot flocks of Redwing or Fieldfare.

Beside the path into the field there is a large very old Cherry tree to the right that dominates the spot. The shiny flaky bark peels off in strips. See how many of its offspring you can spot in the area.

If you divert a little way into the field on the right you can see 3 Oaks and a plaque planted in 1986 to mark the 50th Anniversary of Selsdon Wood becoming a National Trust reserve. Also there is a small stand of Alder trees - they have catkins in spring and small cone-like fruits develop in autumn.

Return to the path and continue to the T-junction where with a right turn you rejoin the Green Route.

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