Fungi etc Sightings 2023 - First Photograph of Each Species
in chronological order
107 Species have been spotted so far this year - see the Full List below.
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Sightings November
First for the Year Sightings on the Fungus Hunt on 28/10 23
Horse Mushroom, The Deceiver, Brownleg Bonnet, Meadow Waxcap, Lilac Fibrecap, Amethyst Deceiver, Whitelaced Shank, Brown Rollrim, Elder Whitewash,  Jelly Rot, Small Stagshorn, Sulphur Knight and Blueing Bracket.
In addition a species new to our wood was seen: Bleeding Bonnet.
That makes 14 first for the year sightings in total. See the Walks page for photographs.
Sightings September/October
Sightings from 12 - 24 August
44 species spotted up to 6 August