Flower Sightings 2022 - First Photograph of Each Species
in chronological order

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September 6th 

After an absence of sightings in a very dry August, 
I am delighted to report a new species -
Yellow Toadflax. It was one of those that had been included in our sightings list but in a red row , showing that it had been recorded in 1978 in the Penry-Jones book but had not been seen since.
After a couple of heavy rainfalls in the past few days this clump has appeared in the cut meadow of F1 near the top of the field.
July - October

Our rare and iconic plants first spotted this month:
Early Purple Orchid by Rosalyn Heaton on 11th April
Toothwort by Ted Forsyth also on 11th April 
and Herb Paris on 19th April by Jo Wheeler
January - March
First bluebell showing on  21 March:-)