Trees and Shrubs

A full list of the 41 species of tree/shrub in Selsdon Wood with an outline of their locations can be downloaded from the link below. We have also produced a more detailed Tree Spotter's Guide for each species. These are available as downloadable pfs from the following links. See also the Schools page of the website for child-friendly information about some of the most common trees.

---- Alder ---- Ash ---- Beech ---- Birch ---- Blackthorn ---- Buckthorn ---- Buddleia ---- Bullace ---- Cherry ---- Bird Cherry  ---- Chestnut ---- 

---- Cotoneaster ---- Crab Apple ---- Dogwood ---- Elder  ---- Elm ---- Field Maple ---- Gorse ---- Hawthorn ---- Hazel ----

---- Holly ---- Hornbeam ---- Horse Chestnut ---- Larch ---- Laurel ---- Lime ---- Oak ---- Turkey Oak ---- Pine ---- Plum  ---- Poplar ---- Privet ----

 ---- Rowan --- Spindle ---- Spruce ---- Sycamore ---- Wayfaring Tree ---- Whitebeam ---- Wild Service ---- Willow  ---- Yew ----

A pictorial I Spy of autumn leaves is available below and a guide to the identification of trees in winter by their bark can be downloaded from here.

A pictorial guide to identifying winter twigs can be found at 

For children's stories about  the giant Yews see The Monster Tree Stories.

Trees Full List 30:5:22.pdf Trees Full List 30:5:22.pdf
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Autumn Leaves I Spy.pdf Autumn Leaves I Spy.pdf
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Identifying Winter Twigs.pdf Identifying Winter Twigs.pdf
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Tree Diseases

Holly Leaf yellowing - by Tony Flecchia - 16/6/21

This condition is Iron Chlorosis and is on a number of leaves on any affected holly tree, like this sample leaf from one in The Wend. There are three possible causes but the cause in this case in our reserve is an area of soil with too high a ph value, too alkaline.  This prevents the holly processing the iron in the soil, resulting in yellow leaves.

Other causes are too much watering, certainly not the case at present, or a severe lack of iron in the soil which is extremely rare and can be discounted here.