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Nesting Boxes in Selsdon Wood

The FSW have installed a number of nesting boxes for birds and bats over the years - for details see the listing file above. Five bird boxes were installed in 2012 and in 2015/6 we added more bird boxes and one bat box, which had been made for us by Jim Dunning. The locations are shown in the above map and some of the boxes are shown below. SInce all boxes are close to paths there is an opportunity for people to watch birds going in and out when they are in use. Boxes also provide roosting places for birds and for young birds that survive somewhere to hide from bad weather and from adult birds.

Bat Box In Courtwood Grove
Bird Box in Linden Glade
This is the box shown in the Birds gallery on the Fauna page with Blue Tits nesting.
Bird Box in Beech Grove near the Noakes Way end.
Owl Box in Linden Glade
2015 Bird Box in  Greenhill Way
Bird Box in The Gorses
All the boxes in Middle Gorse are of the same design with side opening.
Bird Box in Farleigh Border
Old Bird Box in Farleigh Border
One of a number of old boxes round the reserve, most of which are rotten and probably unusable. They were sponsored  by the RSPB and installed in the early 80s.
Bird Box in Beech Grove between Avis Grove & Broad Walk.
Older Bird Box in Greenhill Way by the path to David's Crook showing signs of attack by a Greater Spotted Woodpecker which has made a large hole in the front. These birds are notorious for such attacks. They prey upon eggs and nestlings of a wide variety of birds, particularly those using nestboxes.  They may enter the box by enlarging the nesthole, but they appear to locate nestlings by sound as a new hole is often hacked in the side of the box as here.
This is why we usually reinforce the entrance hole with a metal plate when creating the boxes but it cannot stop the type of attack that has happened here.