The galleries below show a selection of the riches of wildlife to be found in Selsdon Wood. Hover over each image for information or click to see an enlarged version. We would be delighted to add your photographs to the galleries - please send them to

Amphibians & Reptiles

To date these are the only photos we have of amphibians from Selsdon Wood and there are no sightings of reptiles.

---- Tadpole development - a series of photographs by Tony Flecchia ---- Frog (3) ---- Newt ---- Toad (2) ----

The frogspawn in the Jubilee pond (shown in the first photograph) never hatched in situ. By the time the little tadpoles were ready to emerge the spawn had collapsed and we assumed the stagnant water in the pond had killed it. Fortunately, we had removed a batch of spawn earlier to rear at home and the photos of the developing tadpoles below were taken from this. However, the high attrition rate was troubling and as deaths continued it appeared that the problem was virtually certain to be the ranavirus disease that has been killing frogs worldwide since about 1980. It also affects the developing tadpoles and the symptoms were all evident in these tadpoles, lethargy, loss of feeding, swollen abdomen and pigment changes. Apparently the water that infected frogs enter can become a home for the virus, reinfecting any later frogs and tadpoles, so there is not much hope for our still water pool. The disease also lethally infects all other amphibians and reptiles - which may explain why we have no other sightings. The froglet in the final photograph in the sequence was the only one remaining from the 80 tadpoles that we started with - and sadly it too died the following day


An up-to-date listing of all the Birds seen in Sesldon Wood is provided below. 

The list will be updated when new species are seen additions could occur at any time, particular during migration.

Birds Full List 17.7.18.pdf Birds Full List 17.7.18.pdf
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Over the years we have installed many bird-boxes throughout the wood including, in 2012, 5 tit boxes and 2 owl boxes.

Click here for further details.

Crow Family - Corvidae

---- Carrion Crow (7) ---- Jackdaw ---- Jay (5) ---- Magpie (4) ---

Finch Family Fringillidae

 ---- Greenfinch ---- Chaffinch ---- Siskin (2) ----

Tit Family - Paridae

---- Blue Tit (4) ----Coal Tit ---- Great Tit ---- Long-tailed Tit ---- 

Thrush Family - Turdidae

---- Blackbird (5) ---- Mistle Thrush, Turdus viscivorus (2) ---- Robin (3)  ---- Song Thrush (4) ---

Birds of Prey - Hawks and Owls

---  Buzzard (2) ---- Honey Buzzard ---- Kestrel ---- Sparrowhawk (2) ---- Tawny Owl (5) ----


---- Greater Spotted Woodpecker (5) ---- Green Woodpecker (2 + feather) ----

Also see this great story from David Malins about  Woodpeckers nesting by his garden in 2015. 

Other Birds

---- Blackcap ---- Chiffchaff ---- Collared Dove (2) ----  Dunnock ---- Goldcrest ---- Herring Gulls ----  Nuthatch ----

---- Parakeet ---- Pheasant (2) ----  Starling  ---- Stock Dove ---- Swallow ---- Treecreeper ---- Wood Pigeon (2) ----


---- Badger (6) ----

---- Deer (7) ----
---- Our Famous White Squirrel (6) -----
This video of our famous white squirrel was taken on March 14th 2017  by Magdalena Kozlowska. Many thanks Magdalena for sharing it with us:-)
white squirrel video.mp4 white squirrel video.mp4
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Also take a look at this great blog about the Selsdon Wood white squirrel written by our regular contributor and photo competition winner Mark Shoesmith.

---- Foxes (5) ----

Other Mammals

---- Cat ----  Mole Hill ---- Rabbit (2) ---- Shrew (2) ---- Squirrel, Grey (2) ---- Short-tailed Bank Vole ---- Woodmouse ----


some other interesting signs of vertebrate life to be found in Selsdon Wood:

 ---- Gall Stone ---- Rabbit Droppings ---- Surrey Dragon ---- Solar Light  ---- Squirrel's Drey ---- Woodpecker nest hole ----  Bruno!  Fetch! ----

 ---- Kids Play Shelter ---- Nibbled Nuts ---- Hominid (bike riding) ---- Grave of Pet Rabbit ---- Burrow of Short Tailed Vole ----