R6. Continue along this path eventually coming down the hill out of the wood and back to the car park.

Just after the junction with Vincent Avenue there is a large Sycamore on the left - note the smooth green bark with upward pointing V marks. A little further down on the left are several Spindles 28 with strange pink berries and an Elder with bunches of black berries.

Just before you leave the wood into the field to the right of the path there is a plaque on a Larch marking the Maruje Dale plantation. The name of the plantation was made up from the names of the young people who took part in a Youth Opportunities Scheme. During their training they covered coppicing and maintenance work and they were taught how to make benches and bird boxes with the wood. New trees were also planted - mainly beech. Also in this area, just behind the tree with the sign, are three Norway Spruce evergreen conifers identified by their scaly bark and long cones.

We hope you enjoyed your walk in Selsdon Wood. Come back again soon!