R3. Follow the sign post across the meadow towards Pool Grove.


As you cross the field look to your left to see the characteristic profile of the Scots Pine 32 in the hedgerow on the far northern edge of the field. The tree in the same border with the pendulous feathery profile is a Birch. 

To your right as you approach the path out of the meadow is a single White Poplar 35 behind a large patch of bracken. The leaves may have all fallen but can be found on the ground - black on the front surface and silvery grey on the back. The bark is silvery grey with distinctive diamond shaped markings known as rhomboid lenticels. This tree mainly propagates by means of root suckers, which can spread to form colonies. To help these establish, the Friends have protected them from grazing animals with plastic sheaths. 

On leaving the meadow note the Blackthorn 6 bushes on both sides, laden with sloes. 

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