Identifying Winter Trees - Green & Red Walks with QR support

A 2-mile walk following sign posts G1 to G8. The route includes some slopes and paths may be muddy.

(Numbers in subscript count tree species seen on the walk - 29 out of the 40 species found in Selsdon Wood.)


G1. Leave the car park at the far end and walk along Vale Border keeping the hedge on your left and cross Fields 1 and 2 to reach the southern corner of the third field.

The hedge on the left of the Vale Border path in Field 1 contains 7 tree species that can be identified at this time of year. The dominant shrub is Bullace 1 (Wild Damson) identified by its tangled looking black twigs. There are also are Field Maple 2 (identified by the green buds in opposite pairs) and Turkey Oak 3 with strange hairy buds very different from those of the English Oak that you will see later on the walk. Some of the autumn fruits may still be attached almost into spring. There are Wild Roses 4 with red hips, Blackthorn 5 with black sloes, Privet 6 with semi-evergreen leaves and little black berries. Hazel 7 is very distinctive with catkins developing long before spring arrives.

As you pass along the bottom of the strip of wood between Fields 2 and 3 look for Sycamore 8 with buds similar in shape and pairing to the Field Maple but much larger.