Springtime in Selsdon Wood - a 2-mile walk following sign posts G1 to G8. The route includes some slopes and paths may be muddy at this time of year. 

G1. Leave the car park at the far end and walk along Vale Border keeping the hedge on your left and cross Fields 1 and 2 to reach the southern corner of the third field.

The dominant shrub in the hedge on the left of the Vale Border path in Field 1 is Bullace (Wild Damson) now covered with white blossom on tangled looking black twigs. Although the blossom is almost identical to that of Blackthorn, the latter can be distinguished by its spiny thorns. There are a few Blackthorn bushes in amongst the Bullace. In this hedgerow is also a Turkey Oak with strange hairy buds very different from those of the English Oak that you will see later on the walk. There are Wild Roses with some red hips still attached and Hazel, with distinctive dangling catkins still attached although now going over.

Look for Dandelions and Daisies in the field edges and the fresh leaves of Cow Parsley, with white flowers just beginning to show at the base of the hedgerow. On sunny days you may see butterflies such as the yellow Brimstone, orange Comma with its shaggy edged wings or Peacock with the unmistakable eye-spot markings on the wings.