Autumn In Selsdon Wood

A 2-mile walk following sign posts G1 to G8. The route includes some slopes and paths may be muddy.

(Numbers in subscript count tree species seen on the walk - 30 out of the 40 species found in Selsdon Wood. These are illustrated in the accompanying 

Autumn Leaves I Spy.)


G1. Leave the car park at the far end and walk along Vale Border keeping the hedge on your left and cross Fields 1 and 2 to reach the southern corner of the third field.

The hedge on the left of the Vale Border path in Field 1 contains 7 tree species that can be easily identified at this time of year. The dominant shrub is Bullace 1 (Wild Damson) identified by its tangled looking black twigs. There are also are Field Maple 2 and Turkey Oak 3 with leaves that are longer and more deeply cut than the English Oak that you will see later on the walk. There are Wild Roses 4 with red hips, Blackthorn 5 with black sloes, Privet 6 with semi-evergreen leaves and little black berries and Hazel 7 with round leaves and next year’s catkins developing.

In Field 2 look across to the row of trees running up the opposite side of the field and spot the Copper Beeches 8 adding to the colour in that scenic strip.

As you pass along the bottom of that strip look for Horse Chestnut 9 - an immature tree that does not yet bear conkers and Sycamore 10 with a leaf similar in shape to the Field Maple but much larger.